Talks and presentations

Augmented Reality using Python

October 12, 2019

Talk, PyCon India 2019, Chennai, India, Chennai, India

This talk was intended to be an introduction to Augmented Reality, focusing on its basic priciples, and how we can draw insights from the well established field of computer vision. I also showcased a python-based library, AugPy with a simple goal of showing a (badly rendered) 3D model on top of a book (for the interested its Carl Sagan’s Contact). The repo now lies unmaintained.

Augmented Reality for Mobile

March 15, 2019

Talk, FOSSASIA 2019, Singapore, Singapore

The talk focused on the basics of Augmented Reality and the various aspects which make it possible, in a mobile context. How a few mobile libraries (ARCore/ARKit) are handling the key features of AR is also seen.