CSCI526: Advanced Mobile Devices & Games

Graduate Course, University of Southern California, CS Department, 2022

Worked as a Course Producer for a graduate course in Game Development, taught by Scott Easley during Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. This course is essentially a studio-style incubator where students work in teams to build Unity based games through the semester.

Between the two semesters, I mentored over 250 students to practice data-driven game design. I gave lectures on integrating data analytics modules into the games, and extracting insights out of play-test sessions for iteratively improving the games over a semester, from graybox prototype to a publishable final build.

During the Spring semester, I was actively involved in an overhaul of the course content, worked with the instructor and the TA to revise the lectures and include new content to better reflect modern game development practices.

A detailed breakdown of the course is available in the syllabus (Spring 2023).

Below is a sample of work from two semesters: